2021 Photos

The link below is a selection of my favourite photos taken during 2021. Most I took myself using my mobile phone with a few using a Sony digital camera. From December 30 2020, the country moved back into full Level 5 COVID lockdown and among the restrictions was that people remain at home but could travel within 5km radius for exercise. 

When you lived near the city centre, as I do, you can go to a lot of places within the 5km and for me that included, the Phoenix Park, Botanical Gardens, The Grand Canal (from Kylemore Road to the docks), the Royal Canal (from Phibsboro to the docks), and lots in between, including the War Memorial Gardens, IMMA, and all of central Dublin down to Ringsend. 

Everyday, and mostly in the early mornings or evenings I cycled solo around these places, and I had a few regular circular routes, spending up to two hours staying within the 5km. In March I discovered that a friend's 5km overlapped with mine in the Botanical Gardens and we met there a few times to take photos of her latest kntting output. 

Netflix and TV dramas dominated night entertainment  and this included the TV drama, White House Farm, set in the 1980s and based on real events. In one scene the kitchen layout was so much like my mother’s kitchen from the same period that I just had to rewind and take a screenshot.

Later, Pat’s Potting Shed arrived - an opportunity for more photos, as meanwhile the garden itself began to emerge from Winter lockdown — one of my favoutite photos is the sprouting of a calendula from decayed ivy. By Good Friday life was slowly crawling back to normal and the scenes of people meeting in small pods on the Grand Canal at Sally’s Bridge suggested happy times ahead.

In May we returned to Aldridge in Wexford; I took a cycling trip to Hook Lighthouse, my first in over two years. We managed a lot of swims at Booley and during the heatwave we got a AirBnB in Kinvara, South Galway and cycled West to the Flaggy shore, where we saw a fascinating sunset over Galway Bay and also cyled out to Dungaire Castle for an evening picnic.

Meanwhile the office at home got more and more cluttered, while Chelsea experimented with her cooking, Leeroy improved his skills at filming, and Pat got her first gig as wedding celebrant.

I retired 31 December 2021, and during my finishing-off I met with a few groups I had worked with, and following one of these I slipped into a tree-planting ceremony by children at the rear of Holly House to mark 25 years of Southside Partnership. It was memorable.

For winter photos the Phoenix Park during a misty dawn never disappoints and on St Stephen’s Day it was also great to see people out walking towards Ringsend following the Christmas deluge.

It was a difficult year and for most people I am sure they found the January—May Lockdown had a lot more negative impact than the previous two in 2020. Yet, even the most difficult of years can produce some interesting visual memories. I have updated these as a slide show. When you open the link, click on any of the photos and this will bring you to the slide show, and use the navigating bars to move around. Slide Show

Barry Cullen © 2018 |kocuilinn@gmail.com | Banner photo -  The Harm Done