Hill climbing in Kilmacanogue

April 2017 - what we did before photoshop: This is pre-photoshop, cropped photo from the mid 1960s, taken by my dad, Denis. He got the idea from my brother, Don, who took several trick photos. We were on an outing to Kilmacanogue, Wicklow, and after a picnic at the base of the hills my dad brought Owen and myself for a climb up through the rocks. He wanted to create the illusion of us climbing up steep cliffs as if it was something we did as a hobby. The Sugarloaf is in the background. As can be seen from my face he had us really scared we were going to fall off the ledge. He died, aged 80 years, May 1st fifteen years ago (2002) and if he lived he would be 95 years this weekend, April 23rd. I never really thought he would die. He was full of little tricks and jokes and until shortly before his death he could talk away about politics, religion and world affairs, even though physically his body had virtually abandoned him. Whatever way we look at it, as well as being short, life is very fragile; the unexpected always happens, eventually

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