5K on Hook Peninsula, Mar-June 2020

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During the Coronavirus Lockdown, Mar-June 2020, I stayed near Aldridge on the Hook Peninsula. I used Zoom, telephone and other IT to do my work and keep in touch with colleagues. Daily, I cycled either to shops in Ramsgrange or Fethard-on-Sea-on-sea, or to get some exercise within the allowed radius, initially 2k and then extended to 5k. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the area’s history and its echoes with current events, and are summarised in this video

A Tale From ‘The Brimmers’

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I’ve been wortking on A Tale From ‘The Brimmers’ for three years and eventually reached a conclusion during the Coronavirus Lockdown. I will publish the book during 2020 and as a promotion I’ve compiled this short video.

 Barry Cullen 2020 | | Banner photo -  Sea, Sky, Sand & Steps, Whiterock, Killiney, Co. Dublin